5 Best Web Development Tools for 2020

Currently, the trend is changing with the rapid web development. web development tool that is constantly updated with advanced functionality that makes the job easier web developer. With evolving technologies, web developers can save a lot of time developing them and can bring ideas fresh sites.

Terms sites are not the same for every business. For example, a web site for a logistics company should have real-time tracking system for cargo, while an e-commerce companies need a payment gateway for their website. Therefore, it is very important for software development companies to constantly updated with important web development tools.

So if you are in pursuit to build a perfect website for your business in 2020, you have to keep yourself updated with 5 Essential Web Development Tools mentioned below for 2020.


GitHub is a web development tool essential to 2020. Github is a source control tool which was recently acquired by Microsoft in 2018. This tool helps web designers and developers to collaborate on a project. The surprising thing about this tool is that it is completely free to use and is used by nearly 15 million web developers and organizations worldwide.

Advantages of using GitHub

  • CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Easy Navigation
  • Webflow Integration

CLI (Command Line Interface):

GitHub equipped with Command Line Interface (CLI) which can be used in conjunction with git. This can be very useful for users who prefer a CLI.

Easy Navigation:

GitHub is easy to navigate quickly through multiple files in repositories.

Webflow Integration:

WebFlow is an integrated repository manager in GitHub works through its Web interface.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code editor is an open source code, which is equipped with several smart features. This tool is developed by Microsoft and is free to use. In Visual Studio, developers have the advantage of customizing adding new extensions.

Advantages of using Visual Studio code

  • Multiline Search
  • IntelliSense
  • Better code visibility

Multiline Search:

Developers can search multiple files with this feature.


The icon of the IntelliSense file allows web developers to distinguish between different types of files. It also includes a variety of other features such as Quick Info, list of members and information about the settings.

Better code visibility:

Developers can collapse stack frames that gives them better visibility of the code.


Bootstrap is a Java Script framework that is especially designed to build various user interface components such as buttons, dropdown lists, sliders, search fields. In addition to these components, developers can also find Java Script extensions.

Advantages of using Bootstrap

  • Great Documentation
  • Extensive pool of components

Great Documentation:

Not only offers Bootstrap built in components and style for almost all elements in your application or Web site, but it also provides a large documentation contains very detailed information on this framework.

Extensive pool of components:

Do you need a text field, a message boxes or progress bar, Bootstrap has everything covered.


This is one of the most popular web development tools for front-end that are available today. Developers can save the lot of time with this tool to develop.

Advantages of using TypeScript:

  • TypeScript can be run on any browser, any device, or operating system.
  • Typescript errors can compile points compared with JavaScript highlighting errors while running.
  • The Typescript is pretty much similar to the oops language. It provides full features of an object-oriented programming language such as interfaces, inheritance, classes, modules, etc.

Node Package Manager(NPM)

NPM is an online repository tool that is the default package manager for Node.js. Node Package Manager(NPM) is written completely in Javascript. Node Package Manager(NPM) will get automatically installed into your system while installing Node.js. Node Package Manager(NPM) can uninstall and update packages. It installs your project dependencies via a package.json file.

Advantages of using NPM:

I’m pretty sure 5 essential tools for web development for 2020 listed by us in this blog except for the effort and time of all web developers. With tools like GitHub, developers can make changes to your code without fear of losing it. It also provides them with additional benefits such as code reuse for various projects.

  • Developers can update applications easily as soon as underlining code is updated.
  • Developers can work with other NPM users by sharing your Node Package Manager(NPM) code.
  • Node Package Manager(NPM) has a feature to restrict access to some code with other developers.

In addition to these tools, hundreds of tools are available on the market that can be used by web developers to create sites ready to be marketed. Aside from skilled web developers, these tools can also come in handy for those who want to follow a career in development.