The 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow

This is an extraordinary time for any B2B marketer that is keen on unique inspiration and thinking. There’s a rich landscape of significant content out there. altogether different areas expertise, different styles and different perspectives. With the entirety of this content to draw from there’s no reason for not being educated and for not finding new thoughts every day.

Here’s the means by which we use everything: the 50 blogs on marketing, creativity and technology that I follow strictly. I have split them by branches of styles and areas to make it simple to locate the substance that you’re most keen on. That said however, I did recommend you making space for the any of these in the your own feed. You will be a superior B2B marketer for it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO one of the fastest moving areas of promoting and a skillset that each advertiser needs. These masters blog will keep you where it is at on the search trends

Blind Five Year Old

It is a SEO company & blog run by A.J Kohn. The name originates from an tried & tested SEO philosophy treat search engines its like they are visually blind five year-old. It is specialized yet authoritative and an unquestionable must read in case you are passionate about search.

Search Engine Journal

Mixing news, tactics and tips, this is particularly applied in the search marketing wisdom & has some extraordinary bits of knowledge for marketers.


Link building is as yet a woefully under appreciated workmanship in SEO & content marketing. And Brian Dean’s blog apportions genuinely necessary, practical knowledge that can have a genuine effect to your content perceivability.


The grand daddy of all the SEO web blogs headed up by legendary Rand Fishkin. It’s keep you over all the most recent developments in search with a lot of motivation and new strategies mixed in.

Search Engine Land

More news focused than the other SEO Web blogs that we follow this one gives me total confidence that we over all that I have to know.

Tubular Insights(in the past ReelSEO)

If you are planning the role for video content in your SEO strategy, at that point you have to follow this ReelSEO blog. It is the place you locate the genuine squeeze on what works & what does not from a technical just as an creative perspective.

SEO by the Sea

We think about this living encyclopedia search. It adopts an exploration drove strategy to SEO out of this come up, sifting through distributed material from the search engines to sort out how things really work.

Marketing and Advertising:

From content marketing to proving ROI, lead generation and demand these are the online blogs I go to for industry inspiration and news

Social Media Examiner

Your manual for the social media wilderness conveys a standard progression of “how to” posts that ans probably the most squeezing practical questions you are probably going to have as an content marketer.

Content Marketing Institute

From the ups & low downs of working with the content agencies to the bolts & nuts of building a content schedule, with a lot of top level tips on designs from digital podcasts to webinars tossed in this is feed must have an content marketers. You will discover a lot of incredible top to bottom resources as well.

Convince and Convert

Jay Baer is original, insightful and entertaining voices out there on the content. His blog stands apart for its attention on connecting content back to the primary concern. You need proof, ROI & numbers? This blog will assist you with conveying them.


Copyblogger author Brian Clark one of the first pioneers of the B2B content marketing as we probably am aware it today. This blog mirrors that inheritance it is pressed with assets, yet in addition with posts that investigate all parts of being aa content marketer today.


There is an extraordinary blend of innovation related content here, including on more extensive issues of how marketing and tech cross. The true value, however, is in the podcasts down to earth bits of knowledge from specialists on various emerging platforms.

Marketing Insider

Michael Brenner is the creator of Content Formula & most widely shared thought leaders on LinkedIn, SlideShare, It’s makes his blog a fundamental expansion to your feed.

Marketing Land

Broad ranging, current and authoritative, with around the five new posts in a day average. It is an incredible hotspot for the online marketing news that won’t you really get from the standard marketing press. Marketing Land not terrified of a decent solid supposition either.


Savvy, plugging and smart you directly to the imaginative side of marketing. We get an ordinary top up of inventive motivation from Adland.


Out there opinions, every so often off message, & continually fascinating whether you concur with them or not, that is the thing that you get with this blog.

Ogilvy On our Minds

Tapping you straight in to the thinking about a global SEO agency, with practical and perspectives advice from crosswise over various markets


Incredible name & a very watchful blog moving toward internet marketing from a SEO perspective.


It guarantees SEO news with side of snark & We genuinely can not think about better description for what AimClear presents. It is a living case of how you would pep be able to up content by stirring a touch of frame of energy and attitude into it.


It is as yet one of marketing most legitimate idea initiative brands and that is reflected heavyweight line up of journalists on this blog.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – EMEA

You think about this one as of now obviously. I am extremely glad for the substance we put out for the B2B marketers

Marketing Profs

Any blog related with my mentor Ann Handley and friend is ensured to convey smart, elective sentiments that are pointedly communicated. The Marketing Profs blog does not disappoint. Add it to your feed and you’ll locate a customary stream of elective points of view on life as a substance advertiser. You’ll additionally get a heads up on Marketing Profs’ new assets, as they are launched.


Analytics and Metrics stay a vulnerable side for some content marketing strategies. This Kissmetrics blog is set for cure that. It focuses around the results you need & afterward works back to investigate the systems that can get you there.

The Marketers I have Massive Respect for:

There are blog’s that I following religiously because thats I know, respect and admire the author. I have never has been disappointed bythe outputs:

Neil Patel

Neil is an authentic internet marketing master. The content on his web blog covers everything from the details of bounce rates to bits of knowledge on the most proficient method to discover productive specialty audiences. He is additionally the ace of the powerful source of inspiration: Truly, I need to get the hang of everything. No, I don not need more traffic on my web blog. In case I am composing a CTA, his website blog is an incredible spot to search for inspiration.

Minter Dial

The main thing I did in the wake of meeting Minter Dial was to add his blogs to my feed. He is an energetic storyteller with a one of a kind point of view conceived of his encounters as an award winning marketing and filmmaker leader at L’Oréal. His point of contact book signifies an extraordinary list of guest bloggers and interviewees as well.

Matt Heinz

MattHeinz is well listening to. B2B marketing shrewdness conveyed in understated, straight, simple style. Regardless of whether he’s creating or curating

Ann Handley

Individual reflections from the front-line of the content marketing from one of the quickest witted most engaging and most inspiring the writers out there.
You need Ann Handley’s speculation in your life.

Mark Schaeffer

Mark Schaeffer has one of the most captivating writing styles in B2B marketing and furthermore one of the most fascinating contact books. Set up those two things together and you get gigantically coherent posts with bits of knowledge on new developments, trends and research that you regularly won’t discover somewhere else. The tagline for his ‘develop’ blog is Marketing. Strategy Humankind. What’s more, that is actually what it delivers.

Chris Penn

Chris Penn is one of the sharpest marketing minds I have at any point gone over and following his web blogs is one of the most agreeable ways possible to understand metrics in marketing.

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen Actionable Marketing website blog is as decidedly down to earth as it vows to be. You get incredible tips on everything from making over dismissed content to conquering the feared an inability to riter’s block.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin blog the most unique, generally one of a kind, most moving advertising web blog out there. Seth Godin writes as he might suspect like no one else. His day by day posts are brief, immensely close to home but gigantically important to the business of the marketing and business of its being alive.

Brian Solis

The writer of Engage! X and WTF is additionally a productive benefactor of industry specific posts and articles and they are altogether gathered on this blog. Be that as it may, this is simply some portion of Brian Solis commitment to the blogosphere. For progressively without any preparation musings, ensure you buy in to Gapingvoid (see underneath) also.


Here is where we turn for a quickest inspiration that often from the out of left field & all more potents for that:-

I love typography

This is a genuine difference in pace from each other web blog on this list and that is the reason I love it to such an extent. Inside and out contemplations on typefaces, the art that goes into making them, and the manner in which that careful structure impacts the manner in which that spectators draw in and react. It’s unadulterated unwinding to peruse – and I promise it will add new measurements to your creativity.


Pure, image driven social media life frenzy. We love it since it makes me tear, laugh and frown my outstanding hair once in a while at the same time. And furthermore on the grounds that, on the off chance that you need to keep an idea about how human consideration functions, you need to remain over this stuff. Indeed, that is our reason in any case.


Terrible minds blog resembles no other on list – truth be told, it resembles no other web blog full stop. It is the continuous flow of essayist Chuck Wendig. It’s goes where no other idea leadership on imagination sets out to. My companion Mitch Joel totally depends on it. It is your morning coffee hit of crazy content inspiration.


OK, back to the more genuine stuff. Read-Write conveys despatches from the bleeding edge of tech. It is an extraordinary sparkle to innovativeness since it places you in contact with future intriguing topics first.


Insightful, Irreverent and frequently exceptionally clever, this blog wires clever cartoons shows on the marketing zeitgeist with pointed perceptions from Brian Solis. It’s will be put an smile all our face and conceivably another idea in your mind.

Where Data, Marketing and Tech meet:

They may show up more authority, however there is inspiration and insight in here for everybody:


The basic advanced marketing wb blog: unique research blended in with inventive critique and certain assessments.


The guidebook for innovation news. It was initially pitched to a beginning up group of audience, and there is a genuine insider flavor to its interpretation of the convergence between entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital. On the off chance that you need to think about the following unicorn, add this one to your feed.


This blog is the place information analysis meets mainstream culture colossally readable, carrying another perspective to the large worldwide stories, and an absolute necessity for anyone who its work with numbers.

Inspirational Thinking:

Life as an digital marketer is not just about the marketing that you do these SEO blogs adopt a progressively all encompassing strategy. They are profoundly human and frequently profoundly inspirational:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss Show of one of the most interesting web podcasts out there an expert way of life magazine that discovers motivation wherever it stows away.

Ryan Holiday

Meditations on procedure and life from a liberal, moving creator and holistic coach.


The main thing you will see about this web blog is that the posts don not come at all of you that habitually. The second thing you will see is that there is an excellent explanation. Tim Urban investigates subjects as huge as AI & human brain with mind, depth and verve you will discover no place else. There are dreamlike stories. There is lots of amusing stick men delineations. There are snapshots of profound, human motivation. An update from WaitButWhy blog is one of my features at whatever month. Each portion is epic.


This blog is enabling life instructing at its best the privileged insights of happiness, care and being your bestself.

Artificial Intelligence(AI):

I have given AI it’s own area because it is significant for marketers to slice through the publicity and develop genuine information rapidly. These web blogs certainly help:

Edwin Chen

This blog is an incredible understanding into what those at the bleeding edge of Artificial Intelligence(AI) are thinking and it tosses out some genuine pearls of knowledge for anyone prepared to think distinctively about metrics.

Microsoft’s AI blog

This blog News from the core of a business that is doing probably the most energizing current work in Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Deep Learning

The most recent applications of Artificial Intelligence(AI) Deep Learning SEO blog that manages out how to transform a conceivably unnerving idea into a inspiring one.


OK – it is a little off the showcasing track and an individual energy however these are tremendously applicable for anyone keen on making better visuals:


An incredible network photography web blog that stories, pools advice and tips. It’s demonstrates too exactly how much hunger photograph craftsmen have for sharing their enthusiasm.


In the event that you heard my Sophisticated digital Marketer’s live meeting with Mr.Jared Polin, you will definitely know why this blog is unmissable for any individual who works with visual pictures: straight down the line understanding from a specialist who is additionally one of the most captivating moderators out there.


It’s highlights reasonable counsel, photography news and product reviews yet my preferred component of it’s simply the accounts it recounts photographers takers, and how a solitary picture can in some cases change lives.