6 Killer Tips for Localizing Your Online Store/Shop

Did you know thats your Web site is English only serve about a third of its potential customer base.? It would be a shame not to take advantage of the vibrant potential, an international market, such waste.The is the next step for any company thriving e-commerce. And if you will not take this step soon with your business, one of its competitors definitely will.Online and shops are accessible from anywhere in the world, so what keeps him going global?

To run a successful business, you have to fulfill your audience halfway and with the Internet, wear turning and fences the world into a global village, your half of work is done already.

It is that engages customers/consumers with your product, and the best way to do that is by communicating in your language. This is where the in.That location option will bring these 6 tips for locating your local Store/Shop as it comes – IOS app localization, Ecommerce translation, Android Localization. To benefit from the other two third of the customer base, it can not be done without solid localization strategy. And that’s just one of the many reasons for localization.

Why Localize Your Online Store/Shop?

A recent study has shown that customers/consumers are more likely to buy the product if it is sold to them in their own language. Therefore translate your Web site is essential. It is important to be careful when translating the contents of the e-commerce Web site – including the product description, the contents of the database-driven, and images – in the language of your target market, and ensure cultural sensitivity.

Each one of the steps not only can drive potential customers/consumers away but also make your brand look untrustworthy and unprofessional.

Make sure you provide your customers/consumers the best user experience to follow the preferences of your target market. Inculcate unique needs in Web site design for the particular countries ensure excellent results.

So the real question is why locate your online Store/Shop, but in how many languages? Experts believe that 14 languages ​​are enough to stay on the competitive market. But if you want to cover a wider range of audience the magic number is 20.

6 Tips To Localize Your Online Store/Shop

Your Web site in the location or even twenty fourteen languages ​​may seem like a difficult process. But the benefits that come to speak for themselves. Here are some tips for locating your online Store/Shop.

  1. Market research for your online Store/Shop
  2. Track the right location and languages for your Store/Shop
  3. User-generated data for online business
  4. Localized Applications
  5. What to localize in online business?
  6. Laws and regulations for online Store/Shop localization

Track the Right Location and Languages For Your Store/Shop

locationThe preferences of your target audience is the key to establishing effective location. To acquire this information, online data analysis and user behavior is essential. An analysis of data online can help you get a good start. For example, reviewing the language that most customers/consumers talk can help prioritize markets you want to locate your Store/Shop based on interest.


Market Research For Your Online Store/Shop

researchDigital marketing plays important role in build the business visible to customers/consumers. Thus, it is important to know the channels to be used for specific market.It is also important to understand the buying habits represented by the specific market customers/consumers. Therefore, thorough market research is important to know how to locate online by market.

User-generated data For Online Business

dataDid you know that 70% of people read the reviews on the online market before making a purchase? About 63% of customers/consumers will buy the product with positive reviews. This is the importance of customer feedback is.

When customers/consumers read those comments in their own language, which makes them even more comfortable with your online Store/Shop listed.


Localized Applications

Image result for Applications pngThe mobile app is everything these days. They prefer to use the application instead of going to a Web site in their browser. iOS and Android localization of applications may be the best decision you make for your business. It will not only provide your customers/consumers with the comfort but also help you reach a wider market.

Hire a Translation Company

There are several ways to go, but the best is to hire a translation company. They have trained professionals to ensure that your online business is located in an effective and efficient manner.

What to Localize In Online Business?

Image result for Online Business pngOnce the research phase is completed, businesses need to prioritize the data that needs to be localized online first. This is almost the same basic elements for every business.

Language: Most people tend to give up the Web sites they can not read almost immediately.

Currency and Payment: Needless to say that customers/consumers want to know the prices in their own currency. Nobody has the time to look for exchange rates. Secondly, there are different forms of payment in different countries. Make sure you are offering methods available to them.

Design: Graphics play a major role in the localization as well. A simple color, for example, can mean different things in different countries. As the pictures used in the original content. Make sure that you use neutral colors and images in your design.

Store/Shop front: when customers/consumers open your shop, they want to feel welcomed and comfortable. Which can be ascertained when they see their own language on the Store/Shop front.

Laws and Regulations for online Store/Shop localization

Image result for Laws pngThere are various laws that apply when taking its international business. These rules and laws affecting the development and localization of your Web site.

Laws on local privacy are the most important laws on electronic commerce. These laws govern the use of information collected by businesses that can identify a person.

Mostly, the law requires to inform customers/consumers how their information will be used by the Privacy Policy. This policy must contain:

  1. Business introduction
  2. Explanation of the collected information
  3. How it’s collected
  4. How and Where it’s will be Store/Shop
  5. How its will be used