15 Free Blogging Platforms For Creating Free Blog Web Sites Really Quickly

Are you searching for the rundown of free blog web sites to dispatching another individual blog? Whether you know it or not, blogging is perhaps the most ideal approaches to profit on the web.

I’m the live case of the person who profits from on the web and I’ve been effectively profiting from a few websites throughout the previous 9 years now.

By and large online blogs are accessible in two structures, one is free and the other is self-facilitated web blogs (Premium) where you need to pay cash. Them two have their very own advantages and disadvantages.

1. WordPress.Com

Image result for magento wordpressWordPress is additionally one of the most widely and reliable utilized free blogging site.

You can utilize WordPress for making individual blog web sites, expert and I would state blog of any sort. You will get a large portion of the highlights that you were getting a charge out of on Blogger.com yet you will have not many choices when you consider adapting your free blog (sub-area) on WordPress.com.

Over 34% of the sites worldwide are facilitated on WordPress content management framework. This is in a roundabout way advising the significance of utilizing WordPress.com to make free web blogs.

Some WordPress Limitations:

  • Just get a Sub Domain
  • Cannot Install Plugins or Themes (Access Free plugins or Themes)
  • Cannot Use any other monetization (Ex. Google Adsense, Amazon..)

2. Blogger.Com

Image result for blogger logoOne of the most liked and widely utilized free blogging site is Blogger. With regards to free blogging site, Blogger is the one you can’t pass up a great opportunity.

On the best chance that you are scanning for a free and dependable blogging site, Blogger is the ideal decision for you.

Blogger.com isn’t just one of the most prominent blogging sites and it is claimed via search engine goliath Google.

Click this connect to realize more in insight regarding Blogger.com features.

Few Blogger notable features:

  • Getting AdSense
  • Add images and videos
  • Create blog posts
  • Monetization programs available (Google Adsense & Amazon etc.)

3. LiveJournal.Com

Image result for LiveJournal logoLiveJournal is accessible in paid and free form. You need to pay cash in the event that you need to keep your Live Journal blog from their free promoting(advertising).

You will get the highlights like numerous creator web blogs, commenting, calendars & polls and it has bunches of social media highlights(features) that separate it from other free blogging sites.

More than 16 million users are presently utilizing Live Journal to make their own free blogs.

Few LiveJournal notable features:

  • Photo Uploading
  • Video Uploading
  • Public Message Posting
  • Private Message Sending

4. Tumblr.Com

Image result for Tumblr logoTumblr is a small scale blogging site like Facebook and Twitter.

Tumblr is one of the quickest growing web sites on the web and it would seem that a blend of Facebook, blogger, and Twitter.

Use Tumblr to make free online blogs if your website is progressively about the visuals.

Tumblr gives everything to you make your pictures look outwardly engaging and you can show videos, music and images in at any rate you need.

Few Tumblr notable features:

  • Use Themes
  • Post your blog directly from Email box
  • Add high-resolution pictures
  • Use third party applications
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Create a own theme
  • Use own custom domain

5. Webs.Com

Image result for Webs logoIn case you’re in a chase for the best rundown of blog websites that gives expertly structured site templates, free web facilitating alongside a simple to utilize web site builder.

Try Webs.com out and you’ll be astonished with the huge amounts of valuable features you get with it.

Networks does a shockingly great job of making it simple to construct an customized good-looking website through a totally browser based interface.

Few Tumblr notable features:

  • Use drag & drop interface to create blogs
  • In-built mobile web site builder
  • Include social icons
  • Search engine friendly
  • Local listings option
  • Limited theme options
  • 1GB Storage limit

6. Weebly.Com

Related imageWeebly is a California based organization which was begun in 2006 & in 2007; it was named among amazing 50 Web sites by Times.

Weebly is well known free blogging website platform & utilized by numerous individuals to make their free online web blogs in view of its flexibility.

They are right now hosting individual sites and web blogs of more than 12 million peoples.

You can publish the your site content on Weebly custom domain or sub domain and you won’t be charged anything for domain mapping dissimilar to other web host in the organization.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Create pages,menus, & categories with drag and drop options
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 500 MB storage for personal blogs
  • Speed and ease compared to WordPress

7. Penzu.Com

Image result for Penzu logoPenzu free blog website

Need to compose your IM/Life/blogging or own thoughts privately online?

It’s a free blogging website that enables you to post different journals on your website blogs.

You can upload a unlimited pictures/images as it gives unlimited data storage to its the users.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Autosaving feature
  • Unlimited storage
  • Auto logout
  • Search & tagging
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Rich text formatting
  • Multiple Journals
  • Smartphone Access

8. Squarespace.Com

Image result for Squarespace logoSquarespace free website blog

It is perhaps the most effortless approaches to make a free site, It is an extraordinary site builder that has nearly all that you are searching for.

It is the best blogging stage for bloggers,musicians, retail store owners and photographers

Squarespace will make your webpage look great as well as their formats make your website stand apart from other web blogs effectively.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Install multiple templates
  • Style editor
  • Custom CSS
  • Free Typekit fonts
  • Appealing templates
  • In-Built Mobile Websites

9. Yola.Com

Image result for Yola logoIt is a free blog website

There are more than 12 million users utilizing Yola which makes it extraordinary compared to other free blogging stages on the world.

Yola is additionally accessible in 6 languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Easy use website builder
  • Wide range templates
  • Google map integration
  • Video backgrounds
  • Search engine friendly
  • Tumblr blog application
  • 6 Languages
  • Provide web hosting

10. Edublogs.Org

Image result for Edublogs logoIt is a free blog website

As the name proposes, Edublogs is the ideal blogging platform for training/education related web blogs.

On the off chance that you are an understudy or an educator, need to make a site alone for nothing, this is the ideal decision to choose from the above rundown of free web sites.

You can make site blogs as a student, as an lecturer or as an centre on this free blogging web site.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • It is a free blog website
  • Create pages and posts
  • Access plugins
  • Social sharing
  • Maps
  • Files and media upload
  • Ads-free
  • Change logos, themes, backgrounds etc.,
  • 250+ premium themes

11. Wix.Com

Image result for Wix logoWix free blog website

Wix is extraordinary compared to other free website platforms that you can use to fabricate perfect looking websites. Indeed, to fabricate an intuitive site, you don’t have to code.

Wix is a best web builder where it makes wonderful and stunning sites. Also, you know, these sites are made by non-proficient website designers.

One forte about Wix is, they have fabricated explicit devices to assist hotels and musicians develop their businesses that isn’t offered by other web builders.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • 510+ professional templates
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Support buttons everywhere
  • Unique mobile editor
  • Wix app market
  • Add (Live chat, newsletter, booking etc.,)
  • Basic SEO settings

12. Medium.Com

Image result for Medium logoMedium free blog website

Medium is a quickly developing free blogging sites that enables anybody to make stories and have their very own space on the Online.

You can contribute content by making a record for nothing with either an Twitter account or a email address.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Highly secure servers
  • Typical target audience
  • Limited publications

13. Ghost.Org

Related imageIt is an free blog webpage

Ghost is one of the least difficult yet free blogging sites that you can use to rapidly construct extraordinary looking web blogs.

On the off chance that you are searching for a superior version of WordPress where emphasis would be principally on blogging and nothing else then Ghost is for you.

It has wonderful and rich format themes.

Ghost doesn’t control a wide exhibit of sites however it is absolutely a blogging sites.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Very simple & flexible
  • User interface
  • Most attractive dashboard

14. Postach.Io

Image result for Postach logoPostach free blog website

Postach is an interesting free blogging site platform that uses the outer note industry program Evernote to make your blog posts and deal with your content.

The fundamental thought behind Postach is that as opposed to having another different platform, why not blog from previously existing tool.

You need create an Evernote account to sign up in Postach.Io

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Posting easy & fun
  • No limitations
  • Monthly 60MB of uploads
  • Good content management

15. Jimdo.Com

Image result for Jimdo logoJimdo free blog website

It is safe to say that you are searching for a problem free yet free blogging sites? Give an attempt to Jimdo once and you will be astounded with its features.

On the off chance that you need to construct an online shop without an excess of problem, at that point Jimdo meets to your requirements.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to pay a huge number of dollars for a specially constructed site or in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to code, at that point Jimdo is for you as it is an excellent web builder.

Few Weebly notable features:

  • Build a functional website
  • Tremendous design freedom
  • Ideal for the small to medium businesses
  • Search engine optimized